Material from Ed Tajchman as of 6/28/98

This is the technical guru behind Animac and Scanimate, Ed Tajchman. You can also see Ed in this photo as he accepts a 1972 Emmy Award with Lee Harrison III. Many people working in computer graphics today have seen the impressive motion capture rigs shown off at SIGGRAPH and by numerous production companies. But did you know that way back in 1968, Lee Harrison and the gang at Computer Image were already doing this? This video, "The Development of Computer Generated Animated Characters" shows "the stick man", "Mr. Noise", and several other pieces from the late sixties made with Animac and Scanimate.

Here are a few more interesting items from Ed:

  • Video show open and example segments from The Electric Company
  • 1973 Computer Image Flyer Page 1
  • 1973 Computer Image Flyer Page 2
  • 1973 Computer Image Flyer Page 3
  • 1973 Computer Image Flyer Page 4
  • 1975 Filmmakers Newsletter Featuring article on Computer Image and Scanimate.
  • - Dave Sieg 7/20/04

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