Scanimate Images

Here is a bunch of imagery coaxed (or bullied) out of Scanimate by the many animators, designers, sales reps, clients, and engineers that kept us all fed for a while there. Given that the companies who produced these images are mostly history, the technicalities of image ownership is somewhat sketchy. I hope that offering this material here will be taken in the spirit of documenting history, not as fodder for some legal maneuverings, which would probably result in their removal. ;(
1979 World Series Open 1979 Channel 7 Movie Open
All Star Game Open Baseball Game of the Week
The Bell System Battle of the Network Stars
Canal 13 Mexico CTV Special
Japan Open Jackson 5 Boogie
Jackson 5 Boogie KABC Logo
KB101 Logo KCOP 13 Logo
KFOG Logo Kirin Logo
KROY Logo Led Zeppelin Logo
Super Bowl Logo SuperX Logo
WTVZ Logo Wild West Logo

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