Scanimate Tour: Image West

These are views of the two Scanimates at Image West in Hollywood. This machine was Serial Number 5, and had an Apple II computer with a board I built that had 3 D/A converters and a drawing tablet.

Unlike the R&D machine I have in my studio, the Image West Scanimates were housed in all-white racks, which went really well with the orange shag carpeting, don't you think? Hey, it was 1980!

The two machines were cross-tied so that analog signals from either appeared on the other's patch panels. Both machines received time-code triggers from the VTR room so that their animations could be synced up with a previously recorded element. Both had switchers for their own preview, and on which appeared the various VTR's, and the other Scanimate.
Appologies for the image quality, these are captured from a VHS video

Image West had a Grass Valley 1600 switcher, and one of the first Quantel framestore devices. It would hold a whole NTSC frame! the small monitors previewed the various VTR outputs. There was also a studio camera and a stage, so we could do product shots.

A Look at Image Wests "New" Facilities in Studio City

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