Dream Machine DVD2.1 Remastered

The Dream Machine DVD2 was mastered with "Copy Protect Bits" set to allow users to make one single copy (as copyright law allows). For some reason, Apple computers, and now increasingly more DVD players interpret this bit to mean that the material is copy protected and therefore they refuse to play the disc! After exhaustive research into the problem, the simplest thing to do was to remaster the disc with the Copy Protect bits off.

If you purchased DVD-2 and have had a problem playing it on your Apple computer, PSP, set top player, I will replace the disc free of charge if you mail me the original disc. Please only send the disc, there is no need to send the disc box. Contact dave@zfx.com for the address to send your original disc to.

Please note, this information only applies to DVD-2. DVD-1 is currently out of print pending remastering.

The Dream Machine includes material from over 30 hours of interviews and demo reels that tell the fascinating story of how Lee Harrison built a company called Computer Image and made his dream of creating an animation computer happen. Computer Image spawned Merlot in London, Dolphin in New York City, and Image West in Hollywood. In all, over 100 minutes of interviews, interspersed with material produced by the people and companies that pioneered the Electronic Animation industry.

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  • The Early Years
  • Merlot Scanimation
  • Dolphin Productions
  • Computer Image
  • Image West
  • Scanimate Lore
  • Coping with Clients
  • The Special Effects
  • Advice for students

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